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Monday, September 20, 2010

you&me. [1]

so okay , i know i kept saying i was going to blog to next day , or the next week . and this has been going on for about a month . haha yes , i get lazy sometimes , its only human ! but anyway , so lots of stuff have been going on in my life ! as you all remember in my earlier posts i had insomnia ! guess what ! i started being able to fall asleep , which i am so proud of ! (:
now i even remember my dreams (i didnt for a long time after the insomnia thing...) but thats okay.
I am not attending Druga Gimnazija , which is AWESOME ! i love it , so many people . i am amazed !! :O So far , not too much homework , i have tons of fun .but the onlything that is bugging me , is that fact that i know a BACKSTABING and LYING BITCH , who wont even admit that she did wrong , so i just have to keep on ignoring her , shes such a pain in the ass , i cant stand her , and UGH this one person , is soooo two-faced, but like WORST THAN ME ! such a butthole , i dont get why a person needs to act in a certain way , at a certain time ...
public announcement : if YOU dont tell ME something , i will find out from SOMEONE ELSE .
dumbass , its always been like that and it always will be... =.= fail at the person ....

the real reason why we are all here today (fail) is to whitness ... SOMETHING AWESOME !!!!! anyway , so okay ,
this is Celine , she came over to my house one lonely night , little did she know , that her life was about to change ....


so on this fine day i decided to dye my hair :D:D haha yes , by myself , but i do it all the time , so its fine , we did all that hair product buying ,and we came back , (will post the videos later,) and sooo..

while i was dyeing (i so misspelled that and i know it) my hair , i "accidentally" touched Celines bangs !!!!

teehee !!!! we are hot

celines legs ...
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