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Monday, December 27, 2010

let's remove the space between me and you . ♥

Hello , 
I went to Nora's yesterday , and it was tons of fun :) we wrote my essay on Sir Isaac Newton and I think its amazing :) haha , so right now I'm sitting at home , just finished drinking my hot chocolate , and I'm eating rice . Deffinetly excited about meeting the new asian guy today :D I still dont know what I am going to weaarrr , was supposed to go to Noras this morning , but decided not to , I was a  bit lazy . Talking to Shelby on facebook right now :D tons of fun , and talked to Josh for christmas :) he was soo cute , he cut his hair , he looks adorable . I just want to eat him :3 <3 anyways , what else have I been up to ? Not much actually , life is pretty boring right now ! And I asked Pinhoe to bring me something from London ! So he better :D haha .

pictures from yesterday :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Who's that girl? She must be nearly freezing.

just had lunch , it was damn good ! and i forgot to say that yesterday i ate rice for the first time in an entire semester :O <3 and i had to savor it , and it was wonderful and the soysauce was magical and it was as if i was flying , it was perfect . i loved it , and i shall eat more of it tomorrow :D so apperantly mum said that i was getting my Uggs from America , but I also get a surprise :O so one of the things i am excited about . But right now , i need a new computer , not a laptop , fuck laptops , they are shit , so when I get my computer i shall buy Amnesia :D I need to go on a diet , i just ate a big piece of cake , and i feel like my stomach is teling me i should regret doing that , dammit ! :D Ugggarrghhhh , i just remember i have to to my chemistry essay =.= oh god , ruining my weekend ! :@ so aangrrry , okay , not that angry , but you know ... Also , I need to inform my parents about dyeing my hair on wednesday :D what else what else , Dont you just hate it when people lie right in your face ??? hahahaha , i think its hilarious when they do it , and they think you dont know that theyre lying, fucking hilarious i tell  you . been thinking about makimg a new youtube  account , but well see . i have all the time in the world , 6 more days until winter break ! so excitted :) i have some interesting plans for winter break ;) but well see ,    which reminds me , i havent talked to Josh in a while <3 :) here is a picture of him , sending me a heart on skype :) i miss him and his purdy blue eyes :) hes sooo adorable when he sleeeps , hes so quite but then he starts talking :3 so adorable , i love it , hahaha . I am so proud of him , he got a job :) even though his lazy butt doesnt want to get up in the morning , he still has to :D <3 makes me so prouddd !! :3
for the fourth time , Merry Christmas . 
i hope that everyone is having fun , and not being a no-lifer and writting nonsense on this very fine day :)
hahahaha yeah , so go party hard people :D
ps. the song from the title is :
enjoy :3

I like my beats fast and my bass down low .

Well , I have been blogging more than usual , lately . So i went  to bed around 3ish and i slept like a baby , i did indeed wake up at 8 to get my presents , but then I went back to sleep , and slept until about , now , which is about 12 oclock :D i am so proud , I have never slept that long :D So listening to some music ,  waiting for my dad to call me for the Big Christmas Lunch :) my mums family is here , so theyre over there too :D anyways , amog all the presents I got , i was overjoye when i saw the Karma Kream . As many of you dont know , a couple of months back , while going to London , for the Model United Nations , I carried my Karma Kream in my bag , and they took it away at the airport , I was so sad , because I payed for that damn cream with my own money !!!! :@ was so anrgy !!!! but now Santa brought back the Karma Kream from heaven !!!! and it smells so goood :) and i love it , and I missed that good Karma smell :3 but yeah , still annoyed at some things , but i wont talk about it , Nora knows what Im talking about , and if you are reading this , then we shall talk about it later , because i want to eat my Christmas Meal right now :D so bye-bye , and for the third time : 
Merry Christmas .
enjoyy ! :) 


I love it :) <3 

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Not Christmas Without You .

yeah , yeah . its still Christmas , and I am still bored to death , I dont want to go to bed .... since .. Okay , there actually is no reason for me to stay awake , maybe I'll see Santa bringing me my present , but whatevsss , not gonna happen :) Wondering what I got for Christmas , I actually dont want a lot ... :) but yeah , I decided to dye my hair blue on wednesday , so pretty excited about that :) wonder what it will the final result look like O.o so excited about blue hair ! ummm what else , I have a chemistry essay that I did not even start :D hurray for another fucking week of school =.= but then i can relax , which reminds meee , I have a party to attend for New Year , but mum is not sure if she will let me go , because of the scandal at the Guetta concert , although I dont know what shes getting her panties in a bunch , it was just a concert , its not like we had alcohol , or we had drugs , or we smoked , or we had sex ... but anywaysss , thats not the point , i am still indesicive about some stuff , and what is with me getting so educated after watching Toby play video games , they guy is pretty cool , he is like over 20 , and he plays games at home :D i want to marry him sometimes , but then i remember Allan Hyde , and I cannot have two men in my life :D Ummm , yeah so I'm getting a bit tired , edited my blog a bit , and my twitter , go check it out of else . so yeah , i guess thats it , ill blog in the morning , well actually in a couple of hours , when i get my Christmas presents :) there shall be pictures . 
and watch this random video for no apperant reason :) or , just because I said so :) kinda missing David Guetta , damn him ! :D cause tonight I'm lovin' you ... nananaaa ~~ yeah , i should have told him I like him ... dammit , no i shouldnt have ... hes a buttface :D hahaha must stop thinking about it , i have geater things to be worries about , like NEW YEAR BITCHES ! 
p,s, song from the title is :) enjoyyy ! :D 
p.p.s how are you liking the christmas colors ? :D and if you didnt notice shame on you ! i went through so much trouble on changing the color ! hahahaha :D <3 well good night , i must go stalk some interesting people on facebook ;D;D and yes yes yesssssss , i miss my CelineBear :)

so once again , Merry Christmas :)

Christmas .

so first of all , Merry Christmas to everyone that still reads this bullshit :D and need I remind you that I still have one more week of school , so I am not having a lot of free time to blog and tweet all the time ; thats not true , i tweet non-stop , so check it out , i pimped out my twitter :D <3 yeah , so many things have been happening in my life , since the last time I blogged , so I went to the David Guetta concert WITHOUT the permission of my parents , and I was in deep shit because of that , well actually I still am in deep shit because of that , I just decided not to deal with the shit load of deep shit right now , I'll do it , sometime later ... So , I had an interesting time at the concert and I was really glad i went , despite everything . Ummm .. other stuff happened on the 18th that have "bouleverser ma vie" , but thats not the point , the point is , that right now , it is approximately 1 AM on December 25th and I am blogging and I have just watched 14 videos of Toby Turned playing Amnesia .  Yes , that is what I have become ... and yeah , now I seriously am considering buying the game ... But that , however is STILL not the point , but I am not quite sure what the point is ... Ummm , what else has happened in my non-existent life ? I went Christmas shopping and I didnt feel so up for it , I've just been so moody these days , and I just bought a coat , but I guess thats more than enough for now . I get my Uggs on Monday , so one of the only thing to be excited about :) and yeah tonight I was indeed supposed to tell "him" that I like him , but screw him , if he wants to be with me , he will make it happen , until then , he can go fuck himself . I re-decorated my room again ;3 so proud , moved my big closet across the room , and I felt pretty powerful :D hoho , I'm such a dude sometimes :/ i need to stop , right now . Ummm .. I failed math for the semester , one of the other things to not be so proud of :/ ummm , what else , what else , I deffinetly sure I got fatter :( oh well , its not like theres anyone to look pretty for :D Oh , which reminds me , I am about to ramble on about bitches wanting for attention so just skip this part ... so yeah , basically , I am absolutely annoyed by how gullible some people can be , and not notice that it is all a part of an attention-whore moment . I am sorry , I am just saying , but posting things such as , being all depressed all of a sudden , or being happy about talking to a person , is just a desperate cry for attention , and my blind grandmother can see that from a fucking airplane , so just fuck off , get a life , and go NOT seek for attention . but whatever , I stopped caring , and I am seriously just saying this because I am bored and annoyed , and a tad bit pissed , but thats a different story ... I dont know , and also self-obsessed little girls always saying how in love they are , I am sorry but I can be in love , and its NO ONE'S fucking business , I mean , I can walk around saying how in love I am , but WOULD ANYONE CARE??? I DONT FUCKING THINK SO ! right so , I might be overreacting , its my mood swings , didnt mean to be rude to anyone who does that .... but honestly .... just like calm the fuck down and stop thinking people care , I mean I dont give a shit what they say about me , I can be a fucking whore in their eyes , wont stop me from being the BEST WHORE in my eyes :) Changing the subject , I feel like I've been a bit too rude to some people , and I feel like I forgot how to care about things , because I've been all "I dont care these days" and right now , I aint liking one bit of this Not Caring Attitude , but oh well . what can you do . what else , Allan Hyde turned 21 , on December 21st 2010 :) which reminds me in about 112 days I am going to see him , because of this Vampire convention in Paris , and my mutti said it was cool for me and her to go for a road trip . Its in April , so ill dith a couple of days of school to see my one and only Allan Hyde :) 

merry christmas :)