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Friday, July 30, 2010

another day.

 camwhoring while getting dressed.
didnt really know what to wear ...

and finally i wore something ridiculous ... ;O and my face looked retarded ...

anyway , so it was supposed to be a normal night . I went out with my cousins, Lamija (left) and Tijana (middle) and it was supposed to be a normal night , but crazy as I am , I met up with Naz . who was a total retard and totally made me half through half the city just to see him for 2 min . Doesn't matter , I'll get my revenge soon ! Anyway , so I was so mad , I went inside the store and bought myself a bottle of water , and I walk out and I almost get a heart attack . So I'm standing there about to die , and in all that panic and surprise , I run away and buy ice-cream , LOL! so anyway , now I have fulfilled everything in my life , I can die now . haha , well not really . I have alot ahead of me (:  

p.s. L.A is 9 hours behind (; 
i'll talk about my Eyecon issue tomorrow :'( it's waay too depressing ..

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