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Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend .

so I decided to think that the Gods are punishing me for some odd reason. I didn't do anything, I prayed well, I gave them offerings, so why does my life always has to be the fucked up one? 
anyways, so for the first time in my life. I met a guy that I really like. I was really nervous and clumsy and I couldn't breathe normally, so I stood there like a moron, said nothing, did nothing. My two cousins were with me that night, and I was really nervous. And so I was happy and thought there would be something between us (I got my stewpid hopes up) and yeah , so yesterday, I went out with Dejan, Ivan and Tijana. Dejan is really nice! He kinda reminds me of Dan, but a hotter version! haha , but i love DanoBEARR!! <3 and i miss him , anyway... We had fun, we went to the Avaz Twist Tower view point , it was really nice, and freezing, haha. And that day I found out, that the guy that I like asked my cousin out, the cousin that got asked out (3 years ago) by the guy that I liked. I feel like she's a curse, never bringing her anywhere with me. So I've been depressed all weekend, feeling numb, don't really want to do anything, so I decided I won't go aywhere this Sunday, so I slept 'til  3PM, it was great... off to tweet, faceook, and watch more 
full house 

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