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Sunday, October 24, 2010

good things come to those who wait .

last week was a mess ! i felt like it was the longest week of my life ! i took a test on Monday , its about a scholarship for a year in america :) i was sooo excited , and that night they called me and said to come in the next day for the second round !! :D i was soo happy , but sadly i have to wait about 4 weeks to get a call ... :( uuugggh , we all know how impatient i am ! that was fun , i ditched two days of school :) was in a grreat mood ... but right now , i have a strange feeling that all of this happen 2 weeks ago ... 
~~maaan , it was a looong week ....
anyway , stuff happened , it was interesting , i got a 7 from french :) i was proud ....

**so i havent really talked about the people in my class .... thats cause i didnt have much time , but now that i know them better , theyre pretty awesome :)  im glad im where i am :) ill miss them , IF i go to america ... i mean ill see them in 3rd year , but its going to be very different ... :( so okay , 

Left Row [starting from the back] :
Me and Fie :) 
Fatin and Lorenzo (lorenzo is annoying , we knew that from before ...)
Mirza and Alejandro [alex] (i love theem ! theyre awesomee)
Ajsa and Irma (i love ajsa , but irma , tsk tsk tsk , i love her too :D)
Naomi Jo (FAKE HATE , although i think she really hates me...)
Middle Row : [back to front]
Danny and Bravo [lol , no comment ...]
Masha and B(S)elma [love ♥] 
Farah and Iman [theyre smart ...]
S.K and Ajla [JOHN CENA !! ♥♥]
Right Row [back to front]
Denis [used to go to french school with him ...]
Visnja and Adela [wiiishnya and my lesbian friend :D:D]
Tarik and Kerim [Fie is dating Tarik* and Kerim is awesome .]

The Story of Fie and Tarik ...
naaah , just kidding , not a story about them :) its a story about how he took advantage of her ... naaah , not a story about that either :) its a story about how we got drunk and the whole school found out =.=
not blaming anyone =.= im just saying ... but yeah , it was fun ... dont really remember what day this was , but it was on a weekend .. :) 

hmmm .. what else happened ?? oh yeah , this friday i went out with DanoBEAR ♥ , Nora , Kem , Haris and i met MARTIN !! :D it was soo much fun ! Martin is awesome :) just like i thought he would be :) other stuff happened , but not worth remembering ...

**also i swallowed a piece of my braces =.= i fail ... i seriously do  
oh and Noras ex-boyfriend NEAL ! that slut , hes dating Catlyn Moore ??!!! i was in SUCH SHOCK ! there is no other word than "EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW" to describe how gross that is ... not to be mean or anything ... =.= its realllyyyy grosss ....

~Halloween !
so i made plans for halloween , i decided that Philip [ceeBEARS] boyfriend wears a pumpkin suit :) and were gonna go party at Tabu or something .. theres going to big party for halloween , i just need to get a costume :3 quite excited , it will get my mind off things ... god knows i need a big party ... ;D;D

xoxo , Sarahh ;D

picture of the day :
love. ♥

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