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Saturday, October 30, 2010

closer to the edge .

so far it has been a great weekend , and its only saturday afternoon :) i had so much fun on friday , and lots of stuff happened ... i shouldn't talk about it yet , cuz i don't know if the person wants me to talk about it , in public , but anyway , i like this guy , and we sortof hooked up and i'm going on a date today :D 
very happy !
i'm very nervousss , and scared , and i feel like i am soo shy :$ hahaha ;D;D but its okay , 
so i got a 1 from MATH ! and a 5 from GEO !! 
yay , i am so proud of myself , anyways , Daniel made me write more about my class , so here is a few pics of the people that i go to school with =.=
 me , irma , fie and masa 

S[B]elma , Irma , Iman, Farah and me [i cropped my face cuz i look like shit ...]

DANIEL [epic face] Adela and me 

me infront of druga gimnazija !!!



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