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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

cause i see sparks fly , whenever you smile .

i felt like blogging about what my day looks like ...  but then it started snowing !! YAY !!! i am soo exictedd !! :3 anyway ... here are some pictures of some awesome people . and i was also forced by Fei to blog about her , because .... god knows why ... hahahaha ,  but yeah , this week is starting off well , its tuesday and monday was quite fun . beside the fact i got another 1 in math !! :D but i mean i make the best out of my days . we saw tons of cool shit in chemistry :3 hahahaha , and bosnian was WELL COOL !! hahaha poor Lorenzo failed quite hard . :D AHAHAHA and yes , the other day i did watch Harry Potter by  myself ! and you know what ??? IT WAS AWESOMEE !!! and i am not a loner and a loser , so boohoo . 

Fatin and me in bosnian class . 

 a shmexy blurry Fatin  :3


 Fije and me :3

 blurry . 

Lorenzo's hair  

 Fie <3
i love fie , i dunno why . i mean even though she DID make out with the guy that i like , i was totally cool about it , i was cooler about it then some people would be , thats cuz im awesome ... and the guy was a stupid asshole anyway :D hahaha so i forgave her and i love her , still ... 
she can be AARGH sometimes ,  but i love her when she is hyper :3 its cuteee :D 


fatin , fie and me . 

fatin , fie and me again 

fieee !!! 
im also REALLY excited about going to the David concert with Fie , were gonna have 
i cant waait 18 more daysss !!! eeek !! :D:D


S,K and K ... they are so cute , i seriously think they should date . as a love expert i think it is what they should no . hahah no jkjk , but seriously :3 <3 <3 <3 

SNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

some people are just .... SNOW IS AWESOME !!!!

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