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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

more than words .

It's been a while , about a month maybe ? But I've been busy , with various activities , and quite frankly , I've missed blogging . It feels like a passion , like something I would want to keep doing , even after a long time has passed . It involves writing and opinions and not that much time , and it can be done at any time of the week ... So it is possibly the best job for the "future me" ! a lot has been going on in my life , these past few weeks . I have gotten a couple of negative grades , from physics and math :/  chemistry teacher finally started to like me :D quite proud of myself , she thinks I study at home , but I actually did all of this before , twice , so its the third time now :D hahaha , thats alright . 

Ummm , what else , I got my David Guetta ticket and mum decided not to let me go to the concert , but I mean , who am I to listen to her ramble on about how things used to be different when she was young , and how it can damage my ears , and I could get raped and used as a prostitue =.= i swear she comes up with the greatest cliches , but whatever , I have a plan , I am going to see David no matter what they say :) and I feel brave and proud ! 

Next wednesday is my one month anniversary with Martin :) I have fun with him , he's a nice guy , and to be honest I like sneaking around the apartment :D hahaha , its quite dangerous ! Although he IS a great guy , he does have some faults ... like for example he is sortof like Curly from "Of Mice and Men" he always talks about beating up people , and I am sortof like Curleys Wife , I am lonely and I get tired of that shit , I mean not that I am NOT proud of him , I really am , I just wish he could talk about something else ... But hes great ! I really like him , he makes me feel special and he has the lamest jokes :D hahaha but theyre so cute though !! haha , hes so cute when he thinks Im mad and he repeats : "Im kidding!!" over and over again :) <3 <3 

I dont remember when this was , but we had a SINC reunion [for those who dont know it stands for Sarah , Ivana , Nora and Celine , and if you didnt know this you should be ashames , cuz we are awesome , and everyone should know about us !!!] anyways , so we had a reunion and it was quite fun ! Since CelineBear!! has a boyfriend now , and hes quite awesome ;) haha I am proud of her , hes waaaaay better than her gay EX boyfriend Chris , no offence , but i mean , he looks like Justin Bieber [ew] I mean it was cute for a while , but it got boring . Anyhow , I got to bring Martin and we had fun , we reminisced about how the good old days used to be easier and the day before I had a sleepover with CelineBEARR!! I mean i love her and everything  but she stayed up til 3 AM ON SKYPE WITH PHILIP !!! I couldnt fall asleep , I was DEAD the next morning , I mean it is cute , but seriouslyyyyy , SOO TIREDDD !!! anyways , she talked to me about some of her issues , and I was really sad that she would feel that way , I love her , and I've never seen her VERY sad about anything , so I was a GREAT BEST FRIEND and I let her straighten my hair , which BTW Martin said nothing about ... :/ buttface !! <3 

Nora , me and Ceebearr !!!

me and Anne Sofie :) <3

Me , Ivana , Nora and Ceebear !

Nora , Philip , me and Ivana <3

Well for Christmas I WANT ....


and ....


ahahahaha , of course ! its almost November 26th , the day of the Vampire Ball in London , that I didnt go to .. so I am all UGH because I couldnt go :( but its alright , it wiill get better , of course , I just have to be positive , and think about AWESOME things like for example , 
HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER !!!!! yes thats right !!! HOW I MET YOUR MOTHERR !!!!! and its SOOOO AWESOMEE !!!!

something else that is quite awesome , is the fact that my C.T project is to draw a stamp !! and guess whats ON the stamp ....

yeah thats right , its the ITALIAN mushroom from MARIO ! and its awesome , and I love it , and Im about to get an awesome and big 7 !!! booyah . 

well Im gonna go and be depressed , maybe read a book , or watch another movie , cause I just finished "Going The Distance" and its suuuch a cuuute movie :) I absolutely ADORED it , and Justin Long , is such a fine looking actor ;D;D I also watched "The Private Life of Pippa Lee" it was heartbreaking , but the way Blake Lively protrais a young troubled teenager is quite fascinating . 

picture of the day :

p.s. I get to find out if Im going to the US or not next week :/ oh well , I'll live :D

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