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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My December

as some of you know i broke up with my boyfriend , but ummm i feel a bit weird talking about it on my blog :/ its so public , anyone can read it :D i mean if i have tons of readers thats awesome , and if anyone has ANYTHING to say email me :
but ummm yeah there were tons of reasons why i broke up with martin ... but i mean he was a great guy , but just not for me ... :/ 
and now i just found out some stuff , about another person and him and i dunno im a bit upset :/ lets hope it goes away :) i am hopeful . but whatever , some awesome people told me not to care about that stuff [you know who you are <3 ] ummm i dunno ... i feel okay , ssstttraange :D hahaha and yes , i am in love :) hohoho , and i dunno , i dont think the person in question notices me very much :/ damn , i have to work hard to get his attention :( booooo !!! 

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