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Sunday, August 1, 2010

hana yori dango!

♥one of my favorite Japanese Dramas! ♥ i just love it ! the plot is amazing, the actors are soo hot ! although i read the Manga, and I know exactly what would happen I still wish that Makino ended up with Hanazawa Rui, first of all because he is so much hotter! he is drop dead gorgeous in both the manga and the drama (because we all know Oguri Shun can't look any hotter than he already is !) second if they would've been together they would have had no problems with Hanazawa Rui's mother, because we all know Domyoji's mother is a stubborn bitch.
♥but they look so adorable together, and she has feelings towards him, she acts like such a girl around him! always clumsy, she doesnt know what to do. It's really kawaii! 
♥anyway, one of my favorite characters in the show is Sojiroh, he's always surrounded by thousands of girls, and he is damn hot !

♥ I also don't know what people see in Makino, beside the fact that she is sortof amazing, but i mean she's not that pretty !! ♥ 
anyways , i love boys over flowers!!! and i loved the manga, the drama and the movie !! 
and i will continue loving it !! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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