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Saturday, December 25, 2010

I like my beats fast and my bass down low .

Well , I have been blogging more than usual , lately . So i went  to bed around 3ish and i slept like a baby , i did indeed wake up at 8 to get my presents , but then I went back to sleep , and slept until about , now , which is about 12 oclock :D i am so proud , I have never slept that long :D So listening to some music ,  waiting for my dad to call me for the Big Christmas Lunch :) my mums family is here , so theyre over there too :D anyways , amog all the presents I got , i was overjoye when i saw the Karma Kream . As many of you dont know , a couple of months back , while going to London , for the Model United Nations , I carried my Karma Kream in my bag , and they took it away at the airport , I was so sad , because I payed for that damn cream with my own money !!!! :@ was so anrgy !!!! but now Santa brought back the Karma Kream from heaven !!!! and it smells so goood :) and i love it , and I missed that good Karma smell :3 but yeah , still annoyed at some things , but i wont talk about it , Nora knows what Im talking about , and if you are reading this , then we shall talk about it later , because i want to eat my Christmas Meal right now :D so bye-bye , and for the third time : 
Merry Christmas .
enjoyy ! :) 


I love it :) <3 

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