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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Who's that girl? She must be nearly freezing.

just had lunch , it was damn good ! and i forgot to say that yesterday i ate rice for the first time in an entire semester :O <3 and i had to savor it , and it was wonderful and the soysauce was magical and it was as if i was flying , it was perfect . i loved it , and i shall eat more of it tomorrow :D so apperantly mum said that i was getting my Uggs from America , but I also get a surprise :O so one of the things i am excited about . But right now , i need a new computer , not a laptop , fuck laptops , they are shit , so when I get my computer i shall buy Amnesia :D I need to go on a diet , i just ate a big piece of cake , and i feel like my stomach is teling me i should regret doing that , dammit ! :D Ugggarrghhhh , i just remember i have to to my chemistry essay =.= oh god , ruining my weekend ! :@ so aangrrry , okay , not that angry , but you know ... Also , I need to inform my parents about dyeing my hair on wednesday :D what else what else , Dont you just hate it when people lie right in your face ??? hahahaha , i think its hilarious when they do it , and they think you dont know that theyre lying, fucking hilarious i tell  you . been thinking about makimg a new youtube  account , but well see . i have all the time in the world , 6 more days until winter break ! so excitted :) i have some interesting plans for winter break ;) but well see ,    which reminds me , i havent talked to Josh in a while <3 :) here is a picture of him , sending me a heart on skype :) i miss him and his purdy blue eyes :) hes sooo adorable when he sleeeps , hes so quite but then he starts talking :3 so adorable , i love it , hahaha . I am so proud of him , he got a job :) even though his lazy butt doesnt want to get up in the morning , he still has to :D <3 makes me so prouddd !! :3
for the fourth time , Merry Christmas . 
i hope that everyone is having fun , and not being a no-lifer and writting nonsense on this very fine day :)
hahahaha yeah , so go party hard people :D
ps. the song from the title is :
enjoy :3

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