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Monday, December 27, 2010

let's remove the space between me and you . ♥

Hello , 
I went to Nora's yesterday , and it was tons of fun :) we wrote my essay on Sir Isaac Newton and I think its amazing :) haha , so right now I'm sitting at home , just finished drinking my hot chocolate , and I'm eating rice . Deffinetly excited about meeting the new asian guy today :D I still dont know what I am going to weaarrr , was supposed to go to Noras this morning , but decided not to , I was a  bit lazy . Talking to Shelby on facebook right now :D tons of fun , and talked to Josh for christmas :) he was soo cute , he cut his hair , he looks adorable . I just want to eat him :3 <3 anyways , what else have I been up to ? Not much actually , life is pretty boring right now ! And I asked Pinhoe to bring me something from London ! So he better :D haha .

pictures from yesterday :)

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