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Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Not Christmas Without You .

yeah , yeah . its still Christmas , and I am still bored to death , I dont want to go to bed .... since .. Okay , there actually is no reason for me to stay awake , maybe I'll see Santa bringing me my present , but whatevsss , not gonna happen :) Wondering what I got for Christmas , I actually dont want a lot ... :) but yeah , I decided to dye my hair blue on wednesday , so pretty excited about that :) wonder what it will the final result look like O.o so excited about blue hair ! ummm what else , I have a chemistry essay that I did not even start :D hurray for another fucking week of school =.= but then i can relax , which reminds meee , I have a party to attend for New Year , but mum is not sure if she will let me go , because of the scandal at the Guetta concert , although I dont know what shes getting her panties in a bunch , it was just a concert , its not like we had alcohol , or we had drugs , or we smoked , or we had sex ... but anywaysss , thats not the point , i am still indesicive about some stuff , and what is with me getting so educated after watching Toby play video games , they guy is pretty cool , he is like over 20 , and he plays games at home :D i want to marry him sometimes , but then i remember Allan Hyde , and I cannot have two men in my life :D Ummm , yeah so I'm getting a bit tired , edited my blog a bit , and my twitter , go check it out of else . so yeah , i guess thats it , ill blog in the morning , well actually in a couple of hours , when i get my Christmas presents :) there shall be pictures . 
and watch this random video for no apperant reason :) or , just because I said so :) kinda missing David Guetta , damn him ! :D cause tonight I'm lovin' you ... nananaaa ~~ yeah , i should have told him I like him ... dammit , no i shouldnt have ... hes a buttface :D hahaha must stop thinking about it , i have geater things to be worries about , like NEW YEAR BITCHES ! 
p,s, song from the title is :) enjoyyy ! :D 
p.p.s how are you liking the christmas colors ? :D and if you didnt notice shame on you ! i went through so much trouble on changing the color ! hahahaha :D <3 well good night , i must go stalk some interesting people on facebook ;D;D and yes yes yesssssss , i miss my CelineBear :)

so once again , Merry Christmas :)

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