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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 ♥

So today is 2011 , and i haven't blogged in a while because someone I knew died and I was very sad . But I have realized that nothing could bring him back , and that the best thing to do is to move on . And i have realized that life was too short , and that you never know when you are going to die , so we have to eat dessert before dinner . :) i dont eat dessert dinner , because i am affraid to  but maybe one day i will be able to . Other stuff happen , like Anna was very brave and ate dessert before dinner , and i am VERY proud of her ;) I dyed my hair blue , and failed because it looks black , purple and red . with some blue :/ ohh weeell . So since we all know i was grounded for New Year , and i cried like , all night , because of some other stuff I wont mention , and i still look like shit :/ not the point , so i was grounded , and around 11:16 my parents told me i could spend one hour at fies house , so I spent New Year with Fie :) and i had fun ! and Daniel was a great DJ :D and P.G was just weird .. hhaaha !! Oh and there is this guy that hates me and is scared of me ! hahaha ! poor him , im not that scary am i ? :D right right ?? hahaha , ummm what else , Mirza was sooo drunk =.= he is such a baby ! <3 i love him ! what else , what else , 3more months until i see the love of my life :) i am very excited , and hahahaha ! about the whole plan for winter break , that person in question can shove that up his ass :D he can find himself a whore :) and yeah , i might not eat dessert before dinner for another 12 months :) I watched some more episodes of Amnesia :) quite fun , its getting intense , I cant wait 'til i see the monster :D hahaha , yeah i hope this year will be better ,and hope to pass math and be healthy for the rest of the year . AND i hope that i can go see my Rara in the summer <3 i hope everyone had fun for New Year :) and i am proud to say that I passed ALL OF MY CLASSES !!! [except math , but who cares about math ?] well thats it for today , need to have a big sleepover with my celinebear :) because i love her and i miss her . and i am happy that its finally new year :) so now i can start again , and make the same mistakes all over again , but , in a new year :D 
2010 ! :)

allan hyde :)

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