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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bad decisions make good stories .

Okay , I am annoyed . How do some people live with themselves ? Simple : they don't see themselves as the person they are , they find this perfection in everything they do , but everyone else , sees them as stuckup bitches who hate everyone . I am just saying , that I am fucking pissed , but I dont go yellin at the person , NO ! I YELL HERE ! because of many reasons 1. I'm not that mean 2. Well , I am obviously not that mean . But the point is , that I dont know what a person goes through to become what they are . Cheating on your boyfriend , bitching at your best friend ? I doubt that is an attitude of a NORMAL FUCKING HUMAN . No offense of course , I love every creature in the world , but please , dont force ME into knocking some fucking sense into you . Okay ,  I just ate so I'm feeling less bitchier , but nevertheless , what I said is true , some people just need to realize that :) moving on to a different topic , talking to Nora , shes supposed to go to Norway , but her flight was canceled , I think this means something :) haha , but whatevs , HAHAHA , just remembered I needed to tweet , and watch an episode of Amnesia , and an episode of Greek and Blue Mountain State :D YAY ! I am a very busy woman today :) but sleepover with my baby bear tomorrow :) <3 i miss her !Whatelsewhatelsewhatelse , I knew what i was going to talk about , but I forgot , damn me and my bad memory !!! Vampire Weekend is a great band :) love them very very much ! and may I add that I dont give a fuck of what happens this year :) related to eating dessert before dinner . and some other stuff related to that , are the fact that Anna still told Oddie :) and I'm proud of her , but we had a bet , now I have to look for her perfect guy , cuz I am such a matchmaker ! hahaha ! look at my stupid decisions , but yeah , Its fine , Ill do my best ! :) and I already have someone in mind ! Listening to some music , Dad and brother on the mountain , mum watching something on TV . and reading , she likes to multi-task . I talked to her about my dream last night , she knows this kind of stuff , she can also read my future from a cup of coffee , but thats a different story , she always tells me about a tall blonde guy on a horse =.= still waiting for him . But about the dream , I dreamt about this person , but i forgot how they looked , so I couldnt imagine their face , so , she said when I cannot see a persons face in my dreams , it means that they are not who they say they are . That they are pretending to be someone that they really arent . Which surprised me , because I know exactly who that is , and why they do it . But then I told her , how in my dream , my glasses broke , and that meant that i had to open my eyes , and that some things arent what they seemed , so now I am suspicious of everything . But thats it for now , I have a life ;) I am gonna go watch some Amnesia , and Greek and Blue Mountain State :)

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