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Thursday, January 6, 2011

looking for LOVE in a TRASHCAN . ♥

GOOD EVENING ! yeah , I went out this fine night , with Aya , Dina and Lea !! I was late about 15 min , and I thought they left me , and I didnt have credit , so I wasted stupid money on that , and then my phone turned off , and I just sat there with stupid 5 wasted KM in my hand =.= but then they came , and we waited for Dina for about .... I dunno .. 45 minutes :D hahaha , but its fine , even though I couldnt feel my butt :/ hahaha , we watched "The Tourist" it wasnt a hilarious movie , but I guess we made it funny , i sat next to Lea , she got all orgasmic over Johnny Depp :D was damn hilarious !!! hahaha , and then Dina started making sounds like she was giving birth :) hahaha , it was funfunfunnnn ! More stuff happened but I cant remember :D but later we went to BBI , we waited A FUCKING HOUR , but nooo Lepi never showed up =.= ARGH , was about to rape him when i saw him . But DINA saved a kid , the kid was lost and blah blah blah stuff happened and then she returned the kid to his mummy :) was so adorable !!!! :) Dina is now a superhero :D <3 hahaha , and now I just finished eating "palenta" and Im waiting for the latest episode of Toby playing Amnesia :) very excited . Have a wonderful rest of the evening :) <3 Oh and Nora might be mad at me cause I told Semir she likes him , which is true , and they both know it , she is too stupid to admit it to herself , but despite everything I still love her and i miss her , very , very much . <3

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