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Friday, January 21, 2011

You've got the love.

So I am supposed to be doing my CT essay right now, but I seriously don't feel like it, I'll do it tomorrow, I promise! Cause if I postpone it some more, then I wont have time for the Biology questions and making the website. I will do French tonight, I need to read the book, so I'll do that. I also did some math today, mum gave me the questions and I did them. I need to study some Biology soon as well, some of the questions are in the book, but the hard ones she wrote them herself and not sure if the answers are in the book, so I'll google it tomorrow, or something... I'll think of something, also I need to leave the house soon, I feel like going out but I can only go out in 5 days, so I'll go out on the last Friday of our break. I read some books the other night. Well actually RE-read, cause I like doing that, I like to feel the same emotions I've felt in the past while reading a certain part of the book, it also brings back memories, like whether I read the book in another country or such, it just feel great to feel like I am there, reading the book for the first time. 
So I made a list of things that probably no one ever knew about me :)

1. I love the smell of candle wax and petroleum 
2. I ADORE having a small gap between my two front teethe 
3. I hate coffee 
4. I wrote about 10 short stories, and I am currently writing one
5. I sleep with my socks on
6. I could have good grades if I wanted to
7. I had an emo/goth phase when I was about 10-11
8. I lost my favorite necklace on an airplane on Friday, 13th 
9. I really want to go to Alaska
10. Drinking milk in the afternoon makes me burp
11. I always loved guys with blue eyes and blonde hair 
12. When something bad or good happens to me; I NEED to rearrange my room and clean it 
13. I like my room temperature over 30 degrees 
14. I have 2 memory boxes; filled with stuff I kept throughout the years
15. I still leave a light on when I go to bed
16. I always lock my bedroom door . 
17. I was anorexic when I was 5
18. I watched about 200 movies during Summer 2010
19. My favorite numbers are : 6, 66, 69, 96
20.I want to be a teacher.

So a few things I doubt a lot of people knew about me, that I now shared with a lot of people, because I guess I want people to know me better and stop judging me as much as they do. Ummm , what else? Not much has been happening in my life, discovered an AWESOME, no awesome is an understatement like BETTER THAN AWESOME, show , and its like amazingggg , I love it. I dicovered it while stalking someone ;) I am proud of some people, sometimes. But I've been soo moody these dayss, I have  been like Bella [Celine , you know what I'm talking about] I've been all : bouhouhouuu so depresseddd and then I'm like : HAHAHA , I dont give a fuck , but then I'm back to depressed. I'm annoying when I'm like that, but there is also an advantage to these terribly annoying mood swings; my dad gets so annoyed he lets me do anything, and my mum is all : awwwhh sweetieee. and I'm like : FUCK YEEEEHHH !!! It started snowing the other day, I didnt even notice cause everyone on Facebook was like : SNOOW and I was like, pfff , it CANT be snowing , and so I look outside my window and I'm all SHIIIIIIIIIT , and Fie is like =.= omg so slow ... So that was the fail of the dayy, but thank god , its not snowing as much as it was this morning, and its 3 in the afternoon and I barely did anything all day. I need to do something ... Something productive ....

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