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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten .

Holla , so I went to my DVD store , excited out of my mind , cause I was about to Amnesia . But noooooo , my stupid computer is so stupid that I cant play on it . So i was pissed , because I had downloaded it , and I was prepared to play it , but nope , it didnt work . I got my hopes up :( blaaah , but whatever , I'll play it some other day , its fine .... I guess it just wasnt meant to be :'( but I was looking forward to it . but its fine , I wasnt planning on going out today anyway :) I just feel like staying home , with my mum and my bro . <3 edited my twitter profile a bit :) quite proud of it . listening to some vampire weekend to calm all the angry thoughts I have left from before . I am just chiling , I need to read though , I need to find a book online and download it , buying books is too expensive now =.= its annoying .  I dont have 30 fucking KM to spend on a book . gosh . i have nothing to blog about , thats how boring my life has become . Because I am obviously not going to blog about next week , which is math week , I am just hoping that week never comes. I miss school , and the people , and the non-stop work !! :'( about to cryyy ! ahhh Fie is a handful sometimes , doesnt mean i stop loving her :) <3 i will always love her , I guess , despite what she has done in the past ... But who cares about that , I just watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother , it was interesting , thinking about going to get a movie in about an hour . :) hahaha , I need to shower in the morning and go out . :) Daddy left earlier today , he went to Tajikistan ! I told him to bring me somthing , so he better , I miss him already though ! My grandma might come tomorrow , I hope she does , I miss her very much and I want to spend as much time as I can with her .

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