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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

unsentimental .

I've been gone for quite some time now, I feel like I haven't blogged in ages and there is no perticular reason for this, I just didn't feel like blogging or doing anything for that matter. I have, however, been reading some books and watchings Weeds [finished all 6 seasons; season 7 comes out summer 2011] So anyway , Weeds is pretty amazing, I love it, but not just because I can drool over Hunter Parrish, but that is one of the reasons I like the show. Been watching some Veronica Mars too, I only have the 3rd season, but watching at least a little bit brings great memories !! So yesterday Dad came back from Tajikistan and he brought some interesting and colorful socks !! Love them ! 

Haven't actually done much during this wonderful winter break, I feel a bit relaxed and ready to get good grades this new semester, I have done a lot of math, I can say that and I really hope to pass. Also I am seeing Allan Hyde in less than a 100 days , so I am very excited about that. Finally got wireless so now I can blog in peace, in a quiet environment. So the other day I had a big room cleaning day, and I threw tons of stuff away and now my room smells good and clean and there are no bugs lying around. But anyways, saw Nora for a bit on Saturday when she came only for one day , and she gave me my pretty presents, each one of them revolved around a wonderful animal : an owl !! [of course] she got me an owl necklace, owl underwear, owl hair bands, owl paper clips and even an owl USB, which I emmidiatelly fell in love with; it is definetly the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Tomorrow I have a wonderful 4 hour session of math with Iman, very excited and I cant wait for school being at home is sooo boring!!! Well I am off , gonna go download some songs and watch Amnesia. Good night :) 

L.A Candy ; Lauren Conrad 

Dick <3[Veronica Mars]

Veronica Mars [Logan apologizing to Veronica , sad moment.]

Today I went shopping with mum, I bought like 20 underwear and 14 socks. I am proud. I also bought a dress, a sweater, leggings, a small blue bag and highheels.. They are too cute :) After all the shopping, we went and ate at Vapiano, it was delicious, better than I expected but such a shame it was so damn expensive, but it was deffinetly worth it !!

listening to great music in the car !!

an owl on my cup <3

pastaaa !! 

mummy :) <3

vapiano .

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