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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If you like her , tell her . Maybe she likes you too .

Hello , once again . I am feelings very bloggy this fine evening :) I dont know why . My dad is asleep , he goes to Tajikistan tomorrow :/ so its going to be me , mum and my brother for about 3 weeks ... Ill have to do all the cleaning since my mum will be at work , and my brother at school . But thank god I will have the entire apartement for me and my boyfriend ..... hahahaha ! what boyfriend ? but who cares , its better this way , because I have Josh anyways , I barely talked to him these past few weeks . But hope he gets on skype soon , I have so much to tell him :D <3 hahaha , and I really miss him ! :) but its fine , I have to start doing math , next week . I cant be bothered , goddddd , its gonna be such a pain in the asssss !!! i hate math , but I need to pass , so I need to work hard over the break , so I can get a 3 or a 4 next semester . I am getting pretty tired , might go out with the same people tomorrow , I wanna invite someone , but dont know whooooo :/ hahaha , Fie is making me tired with her tiredness . damn her ! :D I dunno , I think we might watch a movie tomorrow and then go to Que Pasa ... I just cant be bothered , I am so tired , I just want to sleeeeep ! sooo bad , its like 12 oclock ! i shouldve been in bed at like 9 , but noooo , stupid me decided to go out =.= gosh , its like im getting tired on purpose , I need to stop . i need to drop , and i need to sleep :3 OH OH ! i totally forgot my big countdown til i see the love of my life :) hahaha , must count the days in the morning , will blog again as soon as I can , but for now ...

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