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Saturday, January 8, 2011

fuck you , I will find someone better (; ♥

What up ? I didnt feel like blogging last night , I got über lazy , haha !!! But I went out with Lea and Aya last night , Aya has the pictures , but God knows what she did with them :) haha , I still love her , but ummm we went out and it was quite fun , We hung out at BBI for a bit with Leeeepiiiii <3 and we just sat there for like half an hour , because Aya had to eat , hahaha , she eats a lot , but thats okay , I mean we all do some things to forget others . But whateverrrr , we went out and we walked , really fast to Bascarsija , and we did nothing for about 5 min , just standing there , in the middle of the street , and then I realized I was hungry , so we took the tram back to BBI . Once in BBI , I ordered something sweet before I ate a pizza , well we split it , but not the point . While I was eating like a pig , guess who just shows up and sits behind us !!!??? Youll never guess , and Im never going to say it :) but hes just sitting there , and I am looking so disgusting , thank god I had cleavage I think that distracted him from my face :O hahaha , so I call Leeepiiii , to tell him to come over , so it doesnt look like I am trying to get over him or something .... But Leeeeepiiiiiii comes right after "he" left :/ dammit oh well , hahaha , and then we showed Leeeepiiii pictures of the squished corn and the broken spoon <3 was damn hilarious !!! But Leas laugh was the funniest thing EVERRR !!! :D hahahaha , poor girl .... Oh and I forgot to mention , despite my awesomeness , I sometimes do stupid things , like I walked into a glass door and Lea and Aya thought it was so damn funny , but it wasnt ... I really didnt see it .... [pictures will come later on...]

So , Ive been stalking someone ;) and ummm , he has a new whore , and she is EXACTLY like me , I mean of course , she isnt as awesome as me , probably more mature , and yeah she is hot -.- but whatever , shes flat , so I mean , it evens out :D but ummm , she also has a tongue piercing and I dunno , seems to me someone is trying to replace me , I mean , I am indeed irreplaceable , but its worth trying right ;) hahaha , poor guy , I bet he doesnt even know hes trying to find someone like me :D HAHAHAHAHAH , deserved !

I have also been checking out how many readers I have , and I must say , I am VERY impressed , and quite proud of myself . When I first started blogging I was expecting to have my crush read what I am writing and finally start noticing me , but you know ? Didnt work out that way . Because now I write , because I need to get things out of me , and yeah I talk about my problems to Nora , she knows everything , and stuff , but here , I just be free , say terrible things about people , and they might never ffind out who I'm talking about , or they will , but they wont have any proof ;) sooo , here are the stats :D

Pageviews yesterday : 59
Pageviews last month : 617
Pageviews all time history : 2,268
my audience :) ♥ [i love youu !]

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  1. ALASKA FTW! ;D hahahaha me and andro are the ones in norway lahh. <3 lova uuu