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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Math [Day 1]

Hello ! So as you all may know , yesterday was the worst day of  my life , and the same thing is about to happen today . Yesterday was my first day working on math myself , with no tutor . Mum told me to do at least 30 exercises ... I kinda did 244 , just to make her proud ! You know ? and also because I had nothing to do , I had no internet because I was grounded , but not the point , it seems as if I am always grounded , yes , I am always grounded , I just cant seem to avoid trouble ;) Ummm what else , right now I am very very veryy hyper , thank god no one can see me , I think its because I lack sleep . Cause I woke up this morning , and I couldn't stand on my feet , and just fell back on my bed , then I was a bit dizzy . It was very weird ! I was like ..."wtfff?" nananananaaa , I wanna go out today .. But Im feeling a bit lazy again ... :/ hmmm , oh well . We'll see  ... And I'm off , not feeling so well , when I lay down and look up at the ceiling , it feels like the entire world is spinning , its a beautiful feeling . 

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