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Friday, January 7, 2011

the little things that make you happy :)

hellohellohellohello , good morning . I couldnt sleep all night , I have no idea why , my mum thinks its because of the sudden change in temperature outside . hahaha , and for the 10 min I did get to sleep , I had the weirdest dream ever :/ hahaha , it was creepy , and hopefully will never happen in real life . :D hahaha , tonight I might go ice-skating , I really dont like ice-skating , for many diferent reasons . Its a slow morninggg , and it was a long night , I went to bed at 2 because I was talking to Leeeepiiii <3 hahaha , it was interesting , he's very peculiar :3 hahaha , but yeah , I couldnt fall asleep after that :/ but its fine , I feel a bit better now that I am actually UP . Listening to some music , just chilling . Mum left to go somwhere , and I am home with my brother and grandma :3 fun stuffff !!! next week is math week , it is approaching seriously fast , i NEVER want math week to come . Oh but there is this thing tomorrow night , with snowboarding and what-not . i HAVE to go !!! blaaaahhh , what else happened to me ?? umm nothing in real life , just in dreams , but .. dont you just love it , when you know someone is a whore , but then that person actually does something that a whore would do , and then you are proud because you have judged that person correctly ? hahaha , you know what Im talking about ? anywaaaysss , Imma do something productive :) like ............

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