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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'M A B-I-T-C-H ;) ♥

Good morning , it's lovely outside , the sun is up and the sky is blue , the birds are singing and the air smells like winter . But its Sunday , and that means , the last day of resting , and yes we're all really sad that I have to do math tomorrow , I'm seriously NOT excited about math month , but anyways . Went out last night hoping to find the love of my life ;) and I did , clumsy yellow pants guy ! he was so perfect for me . I was out with Anna at the  beginning and we were searching for hot guys , she preferred the green shirt guy , he had a weird nose , and then we saw Mahir Kulic and we were shocked , hhahahaha :D ummm , so then I see Fie , and I wack her , she was still with P.G , theyre so cute togetherrr , and hes such a nie guy with his purdyy eyesss , I approve of him . So later on we saw Nejla , and we went to go sit on the 4th floor , cause I couldnt feel my left toe :D We sat up there , and I ate a chocolate cream , a piece of pizza , and a caramel cream , in the exact order and then Loren came and he was so cute , and he asked for my number so I gave it to him :) so adorable !!!! Then we left them and started walking to Old Town , but we ended up going home , me , Fie and Anna . It was fun . When I got home , I talked to Fie for a bit and then I watched an episode of Amnesia , it was really good , cant wait for the next one . Oh and I can now say that I officially have purple hair :) 

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