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Thursday, January 6, 2011

nastiness will cause your doom , turn and walk back to your room .

What a wonderful day , right ? Its 4 degrees outside , the sun is up and the sky is blue . Thank god I am allowed to go out today ! :)  My grandma is coming today , she took the train and there was an accident somewhere , so she will be late , my mum and my brother are at BBI , buying my brother something =.= again . hahaha , he will be so spoiled at my age , you wait and see ! But I will definetly do something productive today , because yesterday I sat at home all day , and i did NOTHING , abso-fucking-lutely nothing . So today , I need to shower , leave the house and do something . I might go to Fies later , but I'll see , I might get lazy and just tell her to meet me somewhere , I want to hang out with Jelly todaaay ! I miss her , barely ever talk to her ! Damn school =.= So anyway , listening to some Taylor Swift , just chillin for now . Cant wait for math week , next week :D haha YAY ! I will be so prepared , so I get a 3 on the next math test :) OK , I am getting pretty tired of stupid Taylor Swift , but not the point , you know Naz ? Noras ex-boyfriend ? Yeah , well he blocked us , on facebook . I am just puzzled by the fact that someone so "mature" would do such a childish thing . No offense of course , but I mean I always hated Naz , he was such a self-loving person , with such a big ego to think that everyone was in love with him . He needs to fucking wake up and realize not everything is about him , and i am GLAD , i am fucking glad that him and Nora broke up , he doesnt deserve her , for many reasons . And he was a liar , and yeah he did make fun of me because I re-did a year , but guess what ? SO DID HE ! that motherfucking asshole . No , he is a BANANANAZZHOLE !  But who cares ? The past is the past ; but I was going to tell "you know who" I like him today . I told myself , last night : "Sarahh , you will do it , tomorrow . I swear you will ." but then tomorrow came , and I decided not to do it :) yeah , I am a pussy , but I just cant do it , Im scared ... you know ? But I will go shower , and I will be back soon , with some interesting pictures I found this wonderful moment , but first you know , I like to open myself on my blog , cause i am too chicken to tell people , like when were face-to-face , so I just let it all out here , and then i am peaceful all day , I dont have to worry about all the stress that I kept , and that I didnt say out loud , I say it here , and I am all happy afterwards :) <3

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  1. love how one of the tags is bannanazzhoooole .and naz and nora. HAHAHAHHA LOVE YA