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Monday, January 24, 2011

I hope that no one ever leaves; cause I don't wanna be alone with me.

good evening/morning; it is now 2:29 AM, and I don't feel like sleeping. Been watching an awesome show with Robert Sheehan, he acted in Cherry Bomb with Rupert Grint; he is such a good actor, and he is cute. He made it to the top 3 guys I want. But that's beside the point, I get to see Iman today and as much as I love math and biology, I would love to go do something else, you know? Like reading a book, making my website about Kpop. Listening to some music, on itunes, cause stupid youtube wont work; ugh. Nora came back; finally, I've missed her so much, plus I have stuff I need to tell her. and Una says "Hi" :) Oh, and I already picked out what I want to wear tomorrow; when I'm feeling sad, or down; I always wear a colorful dress, because life needs colors and its not always black/white, because that's boring, who wants that kind of life? I also need to clean my room, and I seriously don't feel like it; and it's been snowing so much and I just want to lay in my bed, life is not worth getting out of bed for. and I just want to sleep; I like sleep, but I can't, but I want to... Oh, and last night I was talking to Tarik [Lepii] and we both felt the earthquake; it was so creepy and cool and weird at the same time; cause whenever I feel an earthquake no one ever believes me; and this time someone felt it with me; it was damn cool !!! So that was the only thing that happened to me, in the past 7 days... That's how amazing and life altering my life is; if that even makes sense, yeah it probably does; cause I'm awesome like that. But yeah, I have a couple of stuff left to do for school and man am I happy; I have to make my website, read the french book and study for Bio. To be honest I think the studying for Bio is the worst, because I have to study, and working on a website is a piece of cake and reading french as well. But actually taking a book and studying is the worst thing everrrrr. I should probably go to bed.........

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